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One of past Ministers, Rev Godfrey Nicholson prepared some bible studies based on the book of Titus

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Recent additions to the Resource Centre

For those wishing to try something new or different, these prayer resource books are a good place to begin.  Remember, to pray how you can, not how you can’t. 

Prayer Books

Prayer Resources – “Active Prayer Series”

Praying with the body, bringing the Psalms to life,

Roy DeLeon, Paraclete Press 2009. ISBN 978-1-55725-589-1

Back cover – Most books about prayer are meant to be read; this one is an invitation to move.  This creative approach will take you beyond your “head” into your entire being, as a way of expanding your relationship with God.

Roy DeLeon guides you with helpful drawings, Scripture texts, and explanations.  Working together, these elements invite you to try a new and different way of knowing God.  These meditations and reflections will connect you to your deepest needs, and to your hunger and longing for contentment, freedom from fear, and peace.  As Roy says, “May this book help you ro rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thes. 5:16-18)

Roy DeLeon is an Oblate of St.Benedict and a spiritual director.  He teaches classes in “Blessed Movements” (praying with the body, heart, and soul), and conducts workshops at monasteries and retreat centres.”

“This is a dawn to dusk, head to toe, and Alleluia to Amen prayer book. 

It embeds the Psalms into our entire body and circulates them through our entire day.  I say ‘Alleluia’ and ‘Amen’ to that!”

SYBIL MACBETH, author of Praying in Color 

“This is a book I recommend for every Christian, however agile their bodies.

DeLeon skilfully shows how the body is an essential partner with the heart and soul in prayer.”

NORVENE VEST, author or Friend of the Soul


Knit One, Purl a Prayer. A Spirituality of Knitting

Peggy Rosenthal, Paraclete Press 2011. ISBN 978-1-55725-806-9

Back cover – This book offers much more than a “spirituality of knitting.”  It shows how knitting can help you craft a deeper connection to God – as well as reduce stress, overcome losses in life, and form lasting friendships.

“Peggy Rosenthal’s insights, meditations, and suggested activities will enhance the spiritual practice not only of those of us who already embrace prayerful knitting and crocheting, but, also, those new to the journey of needlework done with intention.  This book will appeal to anyone, regardless of faith tradition.”

JANET BRISTOW, Co-founder of Prayer Shawl Ministry

“As a life-long knitter and lover of yarn I read with delight Peg Rosenthal’s new book.  I’ve always thought of knitting as meditative.  I write poems to the rhythm of the needles.  Spirit and substance are on in this lovely book.”

LUCI SHAW, poet and author of Breath for the Bones

“An excellent read for anyone interested in knitting, community, and prayer.  If you are already a knitter, you get the bonus of six patterns with varying levels of difficulty.”



Praying in Color, Drawing a New Path to God

Sybil MacBeth, Paraclete Press 2007.  ISBN 9781557255129

Back cover – Praying with the right side of your brain.  It is rare to find a book that is so simple and profound. Praying in Color will forever change the way that you pray.

Maybe you love color.  Maybe you hunger to know God better.  Maye you are a visual or kinaesthetic learner, a distractible or impatient soul, or a word-weary pray-er.  Perhaps you struggle with a short attention span, a restless body or a tendency to live in your head.

This new prayer form can take as little or as much time as you have or want to commit.  A minimum amount might be fifteen minutes.  A half-hour works well.  Any time of the day.  Drawing is half the prayer, the other half is transporting the visual memories or actual images with you to pray throughout the day.

“A new prayer form gives God an invitation and a new door to penetrate the locked cells of our hearts and minds,” explains Sybil MacBeth.  For many of us, using only words to pray reduces God by the limits of our finite words.

“This is the most invigorating and enabling book about prayer that I have seen in years!  Wry, funny, accessible, wise beyond all appearances, and deeply spiritual, MacBeth warms the soul as well as the heart.  So will praying in color.”

PHYLIS TICKLE, compiler, The Divine Hours


Making Crosses A creative Connection to God

Ellen Morris Prewitt, Paraclete Press 2009.  ISBN 978-1-55725-628-7 

Back cover – A new, active and creative way to pray…..

Come and discover how this new spiritual practice - making crosses – can deepen a life lived for Christ.  As she says, “To make a cross is to pray in a new way, but it’s not as simple as old-fashioned petitionary prayer;  making crosses is a way for God to pray through you.”

The practice of making a cross takes you beyond analytic thinking, and offers a way of prayer where understanding comes from doing.  Working with the most complex symbol of Christianity – the cross – the pray-er learns to co-create with God on concrete and tangible ways, and discovers the meaning of faith.

“Ellen Prewitt takes found and abandoned objects and turns them into crosses.  In this loving, step-by-step invitation to join her, she turns her words of explanation into an experience of worship.  The making of crosses with their ‘discarded bits of brokenness’ becomes a physical way to offer our broken selves to the God who loves, redeems, and repairs us.”

SYBIL MACBETH, author of Praying in Color

Book Review

Cranky, Beautiful Faith

For irregular (and regular) people.  Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Canterbury Press, Norwich. ISBN 978-1-84825-531-9

‘Former stand-up comic and unlikely pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber weaves personal narrative, hilarious rants and powerful spiritual insight as she relates her unusual journey of faith, offering a fresh and uncompromising look at the transformative power of grace.  As one of today’s most provocative Christian leaders, she blends irreverence and brilliant theology to offer a new portrait of faith – one that is edgy, outrageous and, above all, real.’

I found this book to be a gripping page turner – I didn’t want to put it down.  Colourful language, honesty and humour stand out as Nadia writes about her faith journey, her ministry and her love for liturgy.  Easy to read.       

Deacon Pamela Luxton

Reviews taken from the back cover:

‘This is an astonishing book …contagious, honest, captivating… a rare gift.. I realize that I’m gushing, but that’s what you do when a book inspires and moves and touches you like this one does.’ Rob Bell

‘Simultaneously profane + sacred, acerbic + tender, outrageous + humble, Cranky, Beautiful Faith is a whipsmart tragicomic spiritual memoir which already feels like a classic.  Essential reading for all saints and sinners, cynics and sceptics.  Jaw-droppingley, eye wateringly good.’ Doug Gay        

‘A vibrantly written account of the author’s journey towards faith and human-becoming, told with grit and authenticity, passion and compassion.  Nadia challenges our assumptions about people, faith and God – and urges us to become people who love God, love faith and love people.  I love this book.’ Ian Adams

‘Nadia loves Jesus and has been changed by him and simply gathers a community of people who the church often finds difficult to relate to and shares Jesus with them.  This book is inspiring, vulnerable, refreshingly honest, funny and gritty all at the same time.’ Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread and Jesus Freak 

‘Funny, raw, and packed with truth, this book reminded me of why I am a Christian, and I wept with gratitude when I finished it' Rachel Held Evans, author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood

‘A gifted writer, a liturgical acrobat, an honest and outspoken sinner-saint – I could only be talking about Nadia Bolz Weber.’ Brian McLaren


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